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Survivors Stories

We share our stories here as safe place to start publicly acknowledging this “thing” that has happened to us and that we are not ashamed of it or defined by it. We are healing. We are repairing our self-confidence, our self-trust, our self-love and self-worth. In doing so, we are learning to trust–ourselves, others, Love, God–things we may have been very careful to separate ourselves from in the past. We reclaim our power and purpose by liberating ourselves from the secrecy and shame of abuse and we are freed.

At the same time, our words and videos inspire , educate, and help other survivors know that whatever they are going through or have gone through, they are not alone. There are others of us who have been through it as well.

In this knowing, and though our stories of hurt and healing, loss and victory, we send a message to all survivors that they are safe here; and that we are hear when they are ready to speak out, look their abuse in the eye and stop running from it, which is the only way to truly heal and build the life and relationships we all deserve.

Only when we can talk about our abuse openly, are we finally free!

Speaking out has been my greatest healing in many ways. It was terrifying, but the results are worth it. I am happy and healthy and healing more and more every day. I have a wonderful relationship with a loving partner who is kind and supportive. I have no shame around what happened to me or the dysfunctional and damaging choices and actions I made over the years that followed my abuse–I was surviving the only way I knew how. I needed help and it wasn’t available to me at that time.

Today, however, life is good and an important part of that is a direct result of The Fiona Project. I am forever grateful that she called out to me in my dream that morning. It has been through her creation that my greatest healing has come. My hope is that she will continue to protect and heal others as well, and that together, we will impact many lives for the better because of her. Thank you, Fiona, my message in song.   ~Asha



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