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She Dreams by Terri Lanahan

Hi! I am an adult Survivor of CSA and this is one of my poems. Writing poetry was instrumental in my healing.


She Dreams

She dreams of a life without any tears.
She dreams that someone will take away her fears.
She prays that the abuse will end.
She prays that her heart will mend.
She wonders why no one hears her cries.
She wonders why no one sees their lies.
She waits for someone to hear her voice.
She waits because she doesn’t have any other choice.
She Dreams
She prays
She wonders
She waits

by Terri Lanahan

About the Author


Terri Lanahan

Surviving and Thriving
A voice for the voiceless

I am an adult survivor of child sexual abuse. I have written poems throughout my life. My book is titled ‘Hear My Voice’. I am a volunteer at The National Association Of Adult Survivors of Abuse.

Please visit my page at: www.facebook.com/Spiritua1one

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