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About The Fiona Project

The FIONA Project is a music-video and concert movement to raise awareness of child sexual abuse and to generate much needed funding for prevention education and survivor support programs.

How It Began – ‘Fiona’ The Music Video

The Fiona Project began as a dream, literally.

I heard the chorus of Fiona (The Renegade) and saw a little girl holding her daddy’s fingers as she learned to walk. I could clearly see her little plaid dress and tights and how delicate and innocent she was. I could hear her song in my mind, “Welcome home, Fiona, the renegade.” I didn’t understand what a tiny and trusting little girl had to do with “a renegade”, but I didn’t question. I knew there was something important in this dream and it was mine to do. I woke up and ran to my piano to scribble down the words and capture what I’d heard.

That morning, as I sat at my keyboard and allowed the music to come through, I watched Fiona come to life. As the lyrics unfolded, I began to realize what was being written–the story of a sweet child whose innocence was stolen, “never to return”. I wept.

Fiona was born and I knew her story was mine to share.

I knew she would help others by showing both her pain and her healing through song and music video, expressing the full intensity of her story in a heartfelt and compelling way. She would help families and communities understand what survivors go through. And she would help survivors heal. I could feel it.

So started the Fiona music video project.

Watch the video

From a Song to a Movement

Fiona is the story of millions of children and adults across our country and around the world–trying to find their way out of the darkness of shame and fear caused by child sexual abuse.

Through The Fiona Project, we can raise awareness of the prevalence of child sexual abuse which surrounds all of us everyday, unknowingly. We can teach families to protect their children and to listen and watch for signs of abuse or predatory action.  We can also provide survivor support resources to our communities in a fun, safe way by connecting concert communities with local prevention and support organizations.

Together, we can change the lives of thousands of children and adults around the world, using music as the force that brings people together for fun, inspiration, prevention and healing.

Our Mission

Message from the Founder

What You Need to Know about Child Sexual Abuse

How You Can Make a Difference

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