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How You Can Make a Difference – Right Now!


Get the facts! Child sexual abuse happens every day–even to children in your community.

Attend a Fiona Project Concert or other partner event for a close-up look at how prevalent child sexual abuse really is. Take 10 minutes to learn the signs and symptoms and what to do if you suspect a child is being sexually abused.

Pay more attention to what the children in your life are NOT saying.

Watch non-verbal cues and notice consistently poor behavior when going to a particular friend or relative’s house.

Start thinking from a perspective that protects the children instead of worrying about the suspected abuser’s public image.

If an adult was unjustly accused, they can be exonerated; but a child can never be “un-raped”. Are you will to stay quiet and let the abuse potentially continue?

Small children don’t lie about abuse. They can’t make this stuff up because they don’t know about it, unless it’s happened to them. To go a step further and really put this in perspective, consider this: If you think you are nervous about speaking up on a child’s behalf, imagine how terrified the child might be about telling someone.

Do your best to protect the child and trust the process. They have no one else!

If you are a survivor, speak openly about your own experiences.

Only through vulnerability will we find renewal, empowerment, healing and strength in numbers. Truths will start to be revealed and you will find you are not alone. Not only will you free yourself, but you will set an example for your children and other survivors to be brave and honest as well.

Click here for information about sharing your story with The Fiona Project through art, music or poetry.

Share tips and resources with others

Report suspected abuse

Learning the signs and symptoms and recognizing potential abuse is not enough. We must take the reigns and act on suspected abuse if we want it to stop. Our children are counting on us to help them out these situations when they cannot do it for themselves. Step in with gentle redirection to prevent possible abuse or grooming when possible; and report if you suspect a child is being abused.


Whether you participate with The Fiona Project or someone else, your time and talents are a welcome addition to any CSA prevention or survivor support team. Child sexual abuse is a prevalent, but solvable issue. Volunteer. Play an active role in our collective efforts to whatever extent you feel inspired, whether it’s the every day steps above or getting hands on in the business of awareness, prevention and/or survivor support.

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