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Fiona Project Award Recipients


2018 Healing Award Recipient ~ Empower Survivors, LLC

EmpowerSurvivors is a peer led 501c3 charitable non-profit organization based in Stillwater, MN, and run and operated by adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse and trauma. Their mission is to reduce the silence and stigma of childhood sexual abuse by supporting survivors on their healing journeys and educating communities to reduce adverse childhood experiences, which negatively impact not only survivors but their families, society, and institutions.

EmpowerSurvivors supports child sexual abuse survivors locally, nationally and worldwide through individualized mentorship programs, peer-support groups, classes, and conferences. These programs aid in the survivor recovery process, reduce isolation, provide skills to help manage lives in the community and promote health and well-being.


2018 Prevention Award Recipient ~ Revved Up Kids, Inc.

Revved Up Kids, Inc. provides sexual abuse prevention training programs that equip children and teens to be safer from abusers and exploiters, and equip adults to be better protectors. Revved Up Kids offers programs for children as young as age 5, teens, parents and youth-serving organizations. Children and teens learn to recognize unsafe people, avoid dangerous situations, and escape attackers; adults learn how to protect the children they love from predators; youth-serving organizations learn to create safer environments for the children in their care and react responsibly if sexual abuse is suspected.