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Want a Fiona Concert in your community? Great, so do we!

What might that look like?

The Mission

The primary goal of our concerts is to #UndoTheTaboo around child sexual abuse.

We do this by bringing CSA awareness to communities in a non-threatening and uplifting way–through music. Teaching child sexual abuse safety can be as easy as teaching children to cross the street–but parents and caregivers don’t realize this because no one wants to talk about it. Using our concerts to starts these conversations in a simple, straight forward and light-hearted way, we #UndoTheTaboo around child sexual abuse–opening the door to comfortable, effortless prevention by parents and caregivers, and freeing adult survivors from the inappropriate shame they so often carry.

The Concert

From an intimate, unplugged house concert to a larger sanctuary or listening room with sound equipment and lights, there is a perfect concert format for everyone. Concerts can be used to provide quick prevention tips as part of a fun show, to create a heartfelt candlelight ceremony for survivors, or to raise funds for a program or charity of your choice.  We would love to discuss some options with you and get an idea of what might work best for your community.

Simply complete the form below and we will get back with you at our earliest availability.

We look forward to bringing a Fiona Concert to your hometown!


Bring our message of safety and healing to the people you care about with a local Fiona Project concert or event.

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Our Mission

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