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Our Mission

The mission of The Fiona Project is to use music to:

  1. Undo the taboo of talking about child sexual abuse (CSA);
  2. Teach communities of music and arts-lovers how to protect their children from CSA; and
  3. Help survivors heal.

What do we mean by “Undo the taboo”?

The reason parents don’t know how to protect their children from child sexual abuse is because no one wants to talk about it. Most people think they don’t know anyone CSA has affected, so they don’t believe it will ever happen to their child. However this belief is dangerously inaccurate.

Evidence show that 1 out of every 10 children you know has experienced sexual abuse. If you have children, this means your child or one of your child’s friends has been or is being abused. Period. The statistics don’t lie.

As liberal as our culture is in many ways, talking about sex or sexual things, including child sexual abuse is not within scope for many families.

This has to change. We must break the silence!

We MUST break down the walls of taboo so that we can teach our children body safety awareness; we can empower them to say no to unwanted touch; and we can provide caregivers simple CSA prevention strategies that can be implemented in everyday life.

We MUST become as comfortable with the topic of child sexual abuse as we are with breast cancer. What once was tenuous ground must become easy conversation and common knowledge in order to prevent this terrible epidemic from repeating.

We MUST also become comfortable with hearing that a person is a survivor of child sexual abuse. Keeping this topic taboo is the antithesis of what will bring healing to the masses who have survived this hurtful and sometimes terrifying ordeal. Speaking out and owning their abuse without shame is part of a survivor’s healing process. We must be willing to hear these difficult truths without judgment to help our survivors heal and become productive, loving, healthy members of society. Just like we have compassion and understanding for our war veterans with PTSD, we must endeavor to also have compassion and understanding for our CSA survivors with PTSD, as well.

How do our projects support our mission?


The music video

(Welcome home) Fiona is intended to bring the travesty and proliferation of child sexual abuse to light through the popularity of music-video. We want watchers to “wake up and smell the thorns”, while at the same time helping survivors know they are not alone and help is available.

Child sexual abuse happens… a lot! And it’s absolutely devastating.

Even for those who don’t remember until years into their adulthood, the side-effects are deeply-ingrained, long-lasting and easily recognizable throughout their lives.

The message of (Welcome home) Fiona is that healing is possible. Life can be safe, peaceful and whole– even after abuse.


Concerts and events

Through partnerships with musicians and artists, we bring important awareness and healing to music and arts communities around the globe.

Through our events, we seek to:

  • provide awareness education and prevention tips in a fun, uplifting way;
  • provide catharsis for attending survivors with a special moment of acknowledgment for those who have been hurt.

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