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Fiona music video: Healing from Child Sexual Abuse

Fiona is the story of survivors everywhere–abused by the people they know and trust, and most often silently carrying the pain and shame of that abuse into their adult lives and relationships. Only when we are willing to face what happened to us, feel the pain, and grieve the loss of our innocence, can we begin to move forward in a constructive way. When we can talk about what happened to us openly and unashamedly, then we know we are well on our path to recovery and a happy, healthy life.

If you are a survivor, please know that you are not alone! And your voice is the key to both your own healing, and to helping others heal as well. We would love to have you be part of our project by sharing your story on our survivor stories page, volunteering, or partnering with us to create a Fiona Project concert in your area.

If you are a family member or a spouse of a survivor, you are also invited to share your story of what it’s like living with a survivor. We recognize that being with a survivor has its own challenges, from lack of trust to unexpected triggers. There are many partners/family/friends out there who also need support in understanding how to deal with a loved one who has been through the trauma of childhood sexual abuse. And we would love your story as well, to help others in their own relationships with CSA survivors.

Click here for more information about sharing your story.

Together, we can make a difference. Thank you!



Videography by Coalesce Films, Producer Nick Rhodes    http://fb.com/coalescefilms
Makeup: Candice Collier    http://candacecollier.com
Abused woman: Amber DeVos   http://amberldevos.com
Boyfriend: Justin Metts
Abused child: Abigail Mann
Perpetrator: Anonymous

Music Production: JOA    http://jesseowenastin.com
Music & Lyrics: Asha Lightbearer    http://ashalightbearer.com
Guitars, Bass: Jesse Owen Astin
Drums: Toni Belsair
Strings: Christian Howes   http://christianhowes.com
Children’s Background Vocals: Brianna Spikes, Ameyah Urbina, Noah Miller, Suneah Beason


Ways you can help:


Your donation of $2 or more will help us raise $1 MILLION dollars for child sexual abuse prevention and survivor support programs. ALL DONATIONS ARE TAX-DEDUCTIBLE through THE CHELKO FOUNDATION.