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Musicians for CSA prevention & healing

The Fiona Project is a music and arts movement for child sexual abuse prevention and healing. If you’re a musician or artist we would love to have you partner with us.

Your voice is a powerful vehicle for change. Use it to help us bring CSA awareness to your community.


There are dozens of little things that you can do to help us undo the taboo around child sexual abuse.

Just being a voice for those who have had no voice is incredibly empowering for survivors. I can’t tell you how many times I have received tearful hugs from complete strangers after performances. When they know you see them and you care about them, it is healing.

Plus, most people don’t have a clue how to spot sexual predators in their community. They don’t know what to watch for and they don’t know the signs and symptoms of abuse. Knowledge is power, and sharing this important information with music and arts lovers empowers them to be aware and ask questions.

Performers and artists are notorious for tackling social change in a positive way and CSA prevention and healing is no exception.

Here are some simple ways you can use your talents and platform to protect innocent children and help survivors…

  • Have a song that’s relevant? Perform it at a show with an introduction that makes people understand the depth of what you are singing about, or gives survivors hope and acknowledgement of what they’ve been through.

  • Mention that you are a proud partner of The Fiona Project at a show and tell your fans why what we do is important to you.

  • Request a Fiona Project Partner badge for your website. (Fiona Project Professional Partners are added to our Partners page.)

  • Tag us in a meaningful way in your social media marketing and events.  (e.g., “<The Sunshine Band> is a proud partner of @thefionaprojectorg, a music and arts movement for child sexual abuse prevention and healing.“) If we see it, we will add your event to our events calendar.

  • Find a friend, spiritual center or community program that would be willing to host you for a special concert dedicated to raising awareness for CSA prevention and healing. Ask them to co-market the event with you for extra community reach.

  • Share some CSA info-bytes and resources during your show. No need to do a ton of research, we have a short CSA fact sheet that you can use to educate yourself, and a large-print 7 Steps to Prevention guide you can use for your talking points.

  • Add our mini CSA prevention and healing hand-outs to your merch table. You can print and cut them yourself, or contact us to have some shipped to you.

  • Are you a CSA survivor? Share your original songs or other creative works on our Survivors Speak arts blog. Click here to submit your work for publication.

  • Donate part of your show proceeds to a local charity that supports CSA survivors or prevention. People love supporting shows that give something back to the community! Contact the charity in advance and let them know what you are doing. Then tag them in your social media, and ask if they would be willing to mention you event in their newsletter or on their website news.

  • Have another idea we haven’t thought of yet? Bring it on! We want to hear your suggestions. We don’t guarantee we can implement every idea we receive, but we’re open to listening and will definitely take your ideas to heart!

Join our team and make a difference doing something you love!

Complete the form below to request a copy of the Fiona Project Partner logo for your website and our concert kit which includes some quick Facebook event marketing tips. Or send us any questions you may have.

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