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Musicians Wanted ~ Share your talent for this important cause

music-concert-1203643_1280Use your musical talent to protect innocent children and help survivors. 

Be a part of an unforgettable series of coast-to-coast events dedicated to child sexual abuse prevention and healing. 


The Fiona Project is a movement designed to raise awareness of child sexual abuse and provide funding for survivor support programs through concerts and sharing the Fiona music video.

Everyday children live in fear of their abusers and survivors struggle to regain their confidence and self-worth. Your music and participation in a Fiona Project concert can make a difference.

Will you be part of this important event?

We’re asking you to volunteer your musical talents to help shine a light on child sexual abuse.

Whether you donate part of your concert proceeds or not, you can still be an important light in this movement by participating in a Fiona Project concert in or near your hometown. Your time and talents can help us in any combination of the following ways:

  1. Bringing awareness to our movement;
  2. Teaching communities that child sexual abuse is happening right under their noses every day;
  3. Sharing with families how to protect their children from predators (in 7 easy steps);
  4. Connecting survivors, educators and advocates with local resources;
  5. Raising funds for child sexual abuse prevention and survivor healing and support programs.

Your community needs you! We need you!

Plus, in an effort to give back and bring you and your venue some publicity, we can help with concert press releases, social media marketing, poster templates, ticketing and more.

It’s easy! Here are some ways you can help…

  • Share The Fiona Project and our message at your existing shows.

If you already have shows scheduled, help us #UndoTheTaboo around child sexual abuse by simply mentioning The Fiona Project and the importance of CSA prevention and healing from your platform. For short sets, work us into the intro to a song. Or for full concerts, say that you are a Fiona Project partner and share some statistics and prevention tips over the course of the event.

We will provide an easy-to-use concert kit with educational information and talking points, a 1/4 page prevention hand-out, and QR posters for easy access to resources. Plus we’ll promote your shows on our web calendar, social media and newsletter. Win-win!

Simply complete the form below to become a partner. We will respond as soon as possible.
*Please know that it may take a week or more to address your inquiry.

  • Host (or co-host) a Fiona Project concert.

    Don’t have any shows booked? Throw a party! It doesn’t have to be complicated. BYOB and a potluck gathering in the backyard and you’re halfway there! Plus, we’ll help make your concert a success by providing planning support, flyer templates, ticketing options if you want to sell tickets, and other tools to help you plan and share your event.

    Click here to learn more about hosting or co-hosting a concert or complete the form below.

  • Are you a survivor? Share your original music on our Survivors Speak arts blog.

Music and other creative outlets are often an important part of a survivor’s process. If you have used the creative arts to help you on your journey, please consider sharing your work on our Survivors Speak arts blog.

You can share your art, music, poetry or photography and as little or as much information about yourself as you choose, including links to your artist website, a photo, and social media icons if desired.

If you’ve never disclosed before, sharing might sound scary; and it can feel that way at first. But you will quickly realize that being able to speak about this part of your life openly and honestly is one of the most liberating and healing things you can do for yourself. Plus, your bravery will help other survivors know they’re not alone. Who knows? You might even inspire someone else to break the chains of their own silence. Isn’t it worth it?

Click here for more information about sharing your original creative work on our website.

Have another idea we haven’t thought of yet?

Bring it on! We want to hear your suggestions. We don’t guarantee we can implement every idea we receive, but we’re open to listening and will definitely take your ideas to heart!

Make a Difference Doing Something You Love – Join Us!

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