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Are you a CSA survivor? Has creativity helped you on your journey?

The Survivors Speak arts blog is a collection of art, music, poetry, photography, spoken word, graphic design and other original artistic work created exclusively by Child Sexual Abuse survivors.

If you’re a Child Sexual Abuse survivor, you too can have your original creations published in this special tribute section on our website.

How to Submit Your Original Creative Work for Publication

Complete the form below making sure all of your contact information is entered accurately including a valid email address in case we need to contact you for clarification on any items prior to publishing.

Also make sure that all attribution information is entered according to your preferences. This is the information about you that will be published at the bottom of your post, including your Attribution Line (name or alias), bio (optional), and links to any websites or social media you wish to have published with your work (optional).

To submit your actual creative work, you may either include a link to your poem, artwork, music or other creative work; or paste your poetry, lyrics, etc., directly into this form in respective fields provided for each.

Thank you again for sharing your journey and your talents with us. Together we can #UndoTheTaboo and make a difference.

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