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Graffiti on a Girl by Lisa Marie Carter

I tried to give them shelter, I invited them all inside.
I sent out the invitations, “Come one, come all”; no pride.

I never asked for rent, not once; a drink at most would do.
I’d then hand them the keys to the kingdom, to do with what they wished to do.

What once was clean became dirty as they’d then desecrate the walls…
Leaving their indelible mark with angry, ugly scrawls…

A signature for sure, no doubt; but not a one ever left their true name.
Till all was once again quiet; just me, myself, and my shame.

Now cobwebs hang in the corners; and out the windows shine no light.
Clinging to unknown sanity, I think I’ve put up a pretty good fight.

The foundation was never solid; from the start sure to crash to the ground.
Though I’ve braced and tried to hold steady, still the pieces keep raining down.

A single wall left standing, smeared with faded ink from back in the day.
Don’t look too close for it’s only graffiti; what could it possibly have to say?

September 3, 2013 © Lisa Marie Carter, All rights reserved

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Lisa Marie Carter

I’m an aspiring song lyricist and poet who gets a lot of my inspiration from past pain. I hope my works touch others that have been through the same.

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8 months ago

That’s so beautiful, I’m so grateful for your expression! It helps to hear voices to know I’m not alone❤️‍🩹

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