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Embroidered Spring Flowers

beautiful embroidered flowers created by a CSA survivor

About the Creator

I am a 60 year old child abuse survivor. My brain injuries began at 2 1/2. I was put in a pool and left to drown. That was the first time I saw the white in heaven. Around that age I had my first of 6 concussions. At 4 yrs old I was thrown out a second story window. Everything went downhill from there. Add to that mess countless seizures, vasovagal reactions, convulsions and 3 more trips to heaven which makes 4 totaled. I survived an attempted murder, but the front of my throat was crushed, so I continue to have ‘choking events’ up to this day. In 2009 I was diagnosed w anoxia and dementia. As of a couple of years ago I was given no hope of recovering because I lost too much oxygen.

To all those who are unaware of the amount of brain injured people, there are millions of us. Because a lot of us look whatever normal is, people are not aware of us. That has to change. Even though I was given no hope of recovery, I managed to continue as a museum embroiderer. That was one part of the brain that was not effected.

How this talent came to me I do not know. I just go with the flow. Whatever pops in my head comes out with my thread work. I am also still able to do other forms of art. A large portion of my pieces were done while I was ‘healing’ from one injury or another. What I want to get across is even though a doctor may say you’ll never recover, they don’t know all that is in a person. Never give up looking for what you still can do. When one door closes, another one opens.

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