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Hate is a strong word by Ollie

*Rated: Adult Language

There is a difference between hate and anger,
Hate has a shorter reason,
But always has the taste and is always stronger.
Anger simmers deeper,
It usually is formed by a secret,
Isn’t that right?

If I hated you,
I would have your picture on my walls,
I’d have shredded up memories of any trace of caring for you at all,
I’d burn the records of ever fucking trusting you.

I cry alone in bed,
Sometimes I’m just so scared,
I pace around the room to forget your face,
Forget any trace,
Of the memories we made,
Before you became,
The monster I wish was dead.

If I hated you,
I’d drop you in a lake,
I’d let you drown with all of your “love”, it’s fake,
I’d let you suffer just as I did,
I wouldn’t bat an eyelash,
As I watched you try to swim,

I hear about your heart,
My mind is in peril,
I really don’t want you to stare down that barrel.
I don’t understand why I give a shit,
When you are a monster,
What’s up with this?

So no,
I don’t hate you,
I wish I did,
Maybe then I could save some,
By putting you and your ideology
6 feet deep.

Instead I’m angry,
I’m angry at your mistake,
And mine for letting you make it.

by Ollie

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