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All of Us by OneOutOf6

This is something I wrote for the members of my support group:

This place is beautiful but also sad.
We make useful of something oh so bad.
We feel disrupted, corrupted, silenced and blamed,
subjected to ridicule, violence and shame.

We tell our stories so others will know.
We get buried by emotions and like seeds we grow.
We do all we can to help the outer woman and man to understand
the inner-children who resides inside
and hides the tears in their eyes.

We want answers we may never know
and feel like there’s a stain on our soul.
It’s a battle, a nonstop fight,
with the “what-ifs” keeping us up at night.

There is hope, but also fear.
I feel it every time that I am here.
We get depressed and tired,
feelings get expressed and people get inspired.

You lean on me and I lean on you.
Together there is nothing we can’t do.
Look at all we been through, all we overcame.
I love this group and hope you feel the same.

I never knew a place like this existed.
Wanted help before but I resisted.
Was too pessimistic, now I feel pretty good
because I found a place where I’m finally understood

About the Creator

OneOutOf6 ~ Just a male survivor trying to conquer the stigma.