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My Hummingbird Sings by Nancy V Brown

I hear the sweet sound of joy radiating from the shimmer that’s at the tip of my wings
My hummingbird is a beautiful reflection of the joy that he brings
On my times of panic, I pressed on the power that lies deep within
Allowing the tests of times and the trials, not to win
Beautiful reflections of love that walked out of my life, not once, not twice.
But countless times
He stirred up my gifts, and he set my soul afire
I began dancing to the melody of his beat.
Quickly doing spins of love
As I washed the soles of his feet
And dried them with my hair
Spreading the love and the joy in the air
Spreading my wings wide
Like a wall against the tide
As he unlocked the forgiveness
With his master key of love
When he reopened my heart
He healed my pain over and above
Again making me a dreamer
And a believer
Thirsting for him
Releasing my secrets
He opened my Rhema
As I stood up strong to finish
Beating the giant
Breaking the cord and the silence of bondage
I walked right out of my shame
He dressed me with his grace
For the many untold stories
Of abuse, blood, and pain
For his blocking hand of protection
That kept me from the rain
Blocking my mind and keeping me sane
Because I too
Could have been that projection
A statistic on the obituary section
And that goes without a question
Because I too
Experienced the molestation
I too Experienced the frustration
And I too
Saw the loss and the bloodshed
Many times I too
Could have ended up dead
The stories that shot me down
Plucked my feathers
Lonely nights
And stormy weathers,
The sacrifices that were made by our ancestors
To help remove our clouds of fear and the shame
Of imperfection
But yet and still, his gentle touch reopened my heart
And made me his perfect new creation.

About the Author

Nancy V Brown, Author of My Costa Rican Humming Bird Sings

My Costa Rican Hummingbird Sings is the story of Nancy V Brown’s life journey. From her earliest days in Costa Rica, to her current life as an entrepreneur, she has faced countless challenges. But through these trials, Nancy was able to open her spiritual eyes to God’s words. This book offers a tapestry of life’s stories, stories of family, child sexual abuse, teenage pregnancy, divorce, single motherhood, racism, alcoholism, depression, sickness, loss, and through it all, the unending power of God’s unconditional love. Nancy offers her own experiences to help guide others through these moments in life, sharing her poetry, life stories, and scriptures to help light the way.

My Costa Rican Hummingbird Sings by Nancy V Brown - book cover
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