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Recovering by Chris Kontopidis

Recovering is a short thriller about a young queer protagonist who shifts bodies, discovering loss and healing in the aftermath of long term traumatic events

The story is parable, in addition to being a literal thriller.  There are three phases, the inner childthe physical present, and the soul, which all meet with a disappearance, where the protagonist attempts to “recover”, or find, what was lost.

As the inner child searches for their safety, the physical present tries to recover the inner child, and the soul reaches out to love the physical present.  The style is visceral and unsettling, telling an emotional truth of trauma that no study can show.

Viewer discretion advised: This film includes adult themes.

©2019 Chris Kontopidis. All rights reserved. Published with permission.

About the Creator

Chris Kontopidis

Lifelong artist, healer and storyteller, Chris began social justice organizing at 18.  Chris got a B.A. in Feminist, Gender and Sexuality Studies from Wesleyan University.  With Recovering, Chris seeks to use the film medium to create personal and social transformation. Chris has been a part of several plays and films in Atlanta, and now looks forward to more content creation around liberation, healing, and humor.

Visit her website: chriskontopidis.com

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