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Easy to Judge by OneOutOf6

*Rated: Adult Language

What I wrote when a guy online said he was glad it happened to me:

It’s easy to judge and hard to relate,
I’m hard to love and so easy to hate,
hard to defend, easy to be attacked,
I’m too busy defending to even attack back.

I come here so I can escape
and some asshole said he was glad I was raped,
I tell myself it’s nothing because I have become so strong
but what if I’m wrong,

it could cause my psyche to collapse,
what the doctors call a mental relapse,
it could possibly push me over the edge
of the proverbial ledge
I been standing on my entire life
make fun of my struggle and laugh at my strife,

it’s easy to judge, I don’t expect you to relate,
don’t need your love, fully embrace your hate,
if you expect me to cry or just roll over and die,
then you don’t know what I’ve been through,
compared to all I’ve overcome, what the fuck are you?

About the Creator

OneOutOf6 ~ Just a male survivor trying to conquer the stigma.

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