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Follow Me. by Ollie

Follow me.

I remember the flowers were budding that year,
My 9th birthday had just passed in the third grade,
A marvelous day.
The sun was shining,
My friends were laughing and I had met a new friend,
I just love new people they always teach me something new,
Something I’m sure I would love, right?

At least that’s what I thought,
See the sun deceptively shined,
And the house was way to quiet,
I new there was a new feeling I couldn’t shake,
Of course just because I can’t shake a feeling doesn’t mean I can’t shake this new friend’s hand,
It’s nice to meet him,
Very nice to greet him!

But of course his hand doesn’t meet my hand,
It meets the back of my pants,
Strike one,
I remind him the rules,
That’s a big no no.
But my voice must have shattered because no result was heard of,
Maybe he misheard me,
I mean I never have heard the similarities between no and yes,
But I guess everyone’s different.

Of course it doesn’t stop there,
His presence becomes my nightmare,
Running all the way home,
And the cologne he wore a phantom that follow me down the same road I ran down for years,
But each day this goes on the road just gets longer and I have to run faster because I swear he’s behind me.

I reach home,
out of breath in my mother’s arms,
Sometimes fountains paint a picture on her shirt,
Other times my screams becomes music to no one.

Someone’s got to stop this,
Is everyone just gonna drop this?
The girls at school think that he’s cool,
And I’m just weird,
I should be happy he chose me,
Why don’t I like it,
Is there something wrong with me?

Hands chase me down the halls,
Laughter follows smothering me,
The teachers have smiles that almost resembled dolls as the watched me squirm and run away,
And is anyone going to help me,
Or am I just fucking crazy?

Finally my dad rises up and takes a step forward,
He says “something must be done by you or by me,
Which will it be?”

The last day of school the hands vanished in thin air,
But they followed me anyway,
They follow me anyway,
The scent of his cologne follow me everywhere,
Even if he doesn’t know it,
He still follows me.

by Ollie

About the Creator


Hi my name is Ollie and my pronouns are they/them.

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