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There Is No Cure by Crash

There Is No Cure

PTSD, MST, Bi-polar, Manic Depressive, Schizophrenia!  How would you like to be diagnosed with all these, at different times in your life?  How would your mind handle the changing of medication on a consistent basis, not for the wellness of your mental health but, because the physician has no clue what will work?  How would you feel if the prescription information clearly states, “Do NOT stop taking this medication,” but your doctor insists you cold-turkey stop and then, when you explain the MAJOR side effects involving your mind, dizziness, suicidal thoughts and such, your doctor replies, “Wow, I have never heard that before?” How many of you have had a family member, friend or loved one that has been abused or suffers like this?  How many of you have just thought, “They are lazy.  They just need energy.  They are playing the poor pitiful me syndrome for sympathy.  It’s all in their head.”  What about when you hear of someone that has committed or tried to commit suicide?  How many of you have thought, “Life never gets that bad.  They just took the coward way out.  They didn’t think of others around them and only thought of themself.  Nothing in this world is worth taking your life.” Yet, if you have had any of the thoughts mentioned above, think of your view with someone who is suffering or dying from cancer.  What if that someone had Parkinson’s disease.  Alzheimer’s.  Would you feel the same if this person wanted to end their pain and suffering as well?  Would you call them a coward for wanting to be at peace? Suicide is not something that is thought of lightly by those that have attempted or succeeded.  It is something that has mentally been with them for quite some time.  How hard is it to understand that each of us have been created differently and experience things that others do not?  How hard is it to understand the mental anguish that is a vigorous battle within our minds? We do not get a simple diagnosis of our disease.  We get a different doctor with a different diagnosis and no honest truth to how to treat it.  We do not get one simple pill that will help ease the insufferable pain we carry on our shoulders each day.  We get the newest medication or the oldest medication, different dosages and the, “Hope it works out for you.” Abuse is widespread to our children in this world.  It doesn’t have to be in the form of sexual intercourse.  Let’s get that straight!  Here are some abuse forms:  Abandonment, neglect, molestation, rape, mental rape, unwanted touching, explicit sexual words, physical abuse, alcoholism and depression.  These are just a few definitions and trust me, there are many more where those came from.  No one seems to understand that if you are a child and abused in some form, your innocence is taken away.  Your childhood is taken away.  Yet, when that child becomes an adult and can’t cope with this world because of that abuse and the memories, our world turns their cheek and calls them a coward.  If they attempt to be at peace, they are arrested, handcuffed and sent to a PSYCH ward.  These places, these doctors that are dishing out the medications and therapy, it’s a system.  The attempt at suicide was done with the same prescriptions that they just keep prescribing.  Yet, after your stay at the PSYCH ward, they turn around and prescribe the exact same medications and leave you on your own once again. That child, the one that was abused, then grows up and suffers at other’s hands.  The anguish, the mental breakdown is not so clearly defined treatment as say, radiation or chemotherapy.  This is something that they live with until the day they die.  Each day is one they survived.  Each attempt to go out in the real world, is a time to rejoice for it is the fear of being hurt and abused that confines them to seclusion. Never judge a book by its cover.  Never assume you know how someone feels.  Never think someone’s life is not worth dying for until YOU have walked in their shoes and take the time to sit down and actually LISTEN to what they are saying.  It is THEIR life, not YOURS.  Have you ever had your family turn their back on you because you told them of the abuse?  Have you ever been told to keep quiet so as not to rattle the battlefield or hurt others?  Have you ever been told, “Be the better person.  You’re an adult now.  You can handle them hugging on you, just walk away if it gets too much.” Sssshhhhhh, it’s our little secret.


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~”The MadMan in the Asylum of my ❤️ makes LOVE to the Voices in My Mind.” L.L.M.~

I fight to believe there was a purpose for what I’ve been through that never seems to stop. It is why I’m alive each day. Yet, it seems to get worse as I get older and now, I am pleading for that purpose to show soon.

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