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My Monster by Heather Chamakese

My Monster

He was my monster
He kept me scabbed up,
He knew how to keep me in line
The tactics that held me his forever-prisoner,
The kind of monster you only hear about,
He was the devil some days not only a monster,
The days she thought she was in hell,
But in her mind she was far away
To her it was like getting completely devoured by a wolf,
Scraping at her body while huddled over her innocence,
She wished the devil would just take her to hell already, why torture her like this?
For him it was pleasure, for her it was complete torment,
Since the first time it happened she lost who she was supposed to be,
He changed her appearance, she can tell by looking in the mirror
What she saw was utter disgust because who could ever love her with all these scars he gave her.

Heather Chamakese

About the Creator

Heather Chamakese

My name is Heather Chamakese I’m a 32-year-old mother of four children. I am a childhood sexual assault survivor and I am on my healing journey. My whole life I’ve never told anyone until last year I finally told my partner. He was very understanding and wanted to help me get better for myself and for our family.

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