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Shadows of the Night by Mary Graziano

My friend George Robinson put together this song of my work. I met him at his Healing through Creativity festival in West Virginia which I have attended for about 4 years. My very close friend, artist Michal Madison allowed us to use her paintings for the video. She is a fabulous artist and person.

About the Creator

Mary Graziano

I am a survivor of childhood abuse/sexual abuse, and have come to terms with it. I have forgiven, but not forgotten, but am moving forward by being positive and leaving the past behind. It took many years of therapy and a mindset change to reach this part of my journey. I am so much happier now, and once you realize that living in the past and stewing over it does not benefit anyone. Seek therapy, it is your friend. Spread your wings, move forward, live for today, close the door to what was if you can.

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