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Gravel by Willow Moon

This is a poem I wrote that is about being sexually assaulted as a child and the shame that I felt. It’s a blend of emotions and past traumatic events.

Willow Moon

Forced down without a breath.
Frozen in time.
Gravel imbedded in my knees, my mind left this world.
Forced down.
Forced down.
Forced down.
Replayed like a broken record in my lifeless body unable to make a sound.
Throat charka shut-down.
Solar plexus melt-down.
Couldn’t scream.
Couldn’t speak.
Gravel embedded in my knees.
Soul shattered.
Stomach ached.
Algid in every bone and joint.
Mind went blank, too scared to look down.
Paralyzed in fear; with gravel imbedded in my knees.

About the Creator

Willow Moon

I’m a survivor of cult abuse, emotional neglect, CSA, rape, incest, mind-control. Over the years I have worked very hard on putting my shattered mind back together. Since, I have concurred many mental health issues and have fully integrated post-cult life. I’m here to share my story and artwork in hopes of helping others heal and regain true self.

In Your Service,
Willow Moon

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