Rainbow by Jennene Obremski

I was raped when I was 15 and 4 months later he raped me again causing a miscarriage of my unknown pregnancy by him. This poem is about the loss of my baby and innocence.

Send me back my rainbow
That you killed so long ago
I’ve wondered about it all these years
Still bringing up fresh tears
I never got to hold my rainbow
Before you killed him with one rough blow
I was fifteen only
When you raped and impregnated me
Little did I know
That you had given me a precious rainbow
But four months after
Once again, you stole my laughter
That second time was rougher
I fought back feeling tougher
But my pain stopped you from finishing
The final shreds of my innocence diminishing
I lost my rainbow that awful night
Oh, what a beautiful sight
To dream of my rainbow
That you killed so long ago 💋😎💛

© Jennene Christine Obremski.   Published by permission.


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