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Silent Screams by OneOutOf6

The world in which I existed left me warped and twisted, broken,and scared, words left unspoken cause it’s hard to cope with the past, alcohol wears off and the dope don’t last. i was that quiet child with tears in his eye,and  fears in his heart with the deafening silence tearing him apart.  When asked he would say everything was fine, while screams of help echoed in his mind. things would never be the same, my fragmented brain said I was to blame, but I was just a pawn in a demented game,created by a psycho who got off on hurting a kid, I’m not the one to blame for what he did, but the pain is still there, life still ain’t fair,and people still don’t care. So I deal with the pain and all the bad dreams, live with the shame and all the silent screams, I wonder where I would be had it not happened to me, maybe have a good job or a college degree, I’m imprisoned in my mind and he is still free

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Just a male survivor trying to conquer the stigma.

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