Cared For Child by Jennene Obremski

It wasn’t just the physical abuse and emotional neglect
My innocence was just another thing to collect
Sick adults creating sick children
Sick individuals harming their own brethren
There is no justice for a stolen childhood
There is only pain and survival into adulthood
Children should be precious
Allowed to be precocious
Have the freedom to learn from their mistakes
Never wallow in their past mistakes
Let’s strengthen and mean the word family once again
Find better help to prevent more sick and fallen
From the loud and fidgety to the quiet and mild
A child should be herself and be allowed the right to be a cared for child

© Jennene Obremski. Published by permission.

I was sexually and physically abused as a child and I was raped when I was 15. I have been diagnosed with Bipolar 1 disorder, ADHD and PTSD from my childhood trauma and rape. I am a poet, photographer, digital artist and selfie artist, and I am an interpreter and document translator for my language. I am from the island of Chuuk in the south pacific islands of Micronesia. I dedicate all sales of my digital art books and the 10% I make for designing for Vida clothing and accessories with my digital art and photography on them to helping support 88 precious orphans in Kampala Uganda. I get my healing through my writing, photography and digital art.

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