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Help families to understand the effects of child sexual abuse and get the facts they need to protect their children.

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Help us reach our goal of raising $1 MILLION DOLLARS for Child Sexual Abuse Prevention and Survivor Support Programs.

Get the Facts! Simple Tips for Protecting the Children in Your Life

Protecting your children is as easy as teaching them to cross the road. It's time to stop the taboo around child sexual abuse and make personal boundaries a natural part of growing up. Plus more tips about predators and precautions.

Book a Concert: Musicians/Venues Wanted

Want a Fiona Project concert in your area? We are happy to work with you in finding the best options for your community! And if you're a musician, a home-owner or you belong to a school or a spiritual/community center, we would love for you to help us create a concert of your own!

About the Fiona Project

Child sexual abuse is prevalent in the United States, affecting 1 in every 4 girls and 1 in every 5 boys. The Fiona Project is a music video and nationwide concert series dedicated to child sexual abuse prevention and survivor support.

Through our concerts, we share child safety tips and survivor support resources with communities of concert goers. Profits from our concerts and video campaign are then directed to important prevention and survivor support programs and services around the country through our charity partners.

Help us meet our goals of educating communities about child sexual abuse and raising $1 MILLION dollars for our movement. Please share the Fiona video and donate $2 to our movement.

Learn Simple Prevention Tips

The biggest obstacles to child sexual abuse prevention are lack of understanding and awkwardness or discomfort around the subject. When armed with proper information, however, protecting the children in your life can be as easy as teaching them to cross the street; but we must be well-informed and aware.

Please, take 10 minutes to learn a few simple Rules to Remember about keeping the children in your life safe from sexual predators.

Join the Movement

By the end of 2017, it is our hope that the Fiona Project will have helped to protect and support thousands of children and survivors. But only through the generosity of our musicians, hosts, volunteers and contributors will we be able to achieve this goal.

Help us fulfill our mission. No effort is too small.

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Resources for Survivors

The Courage to Heal
Emotion Codes Therapy
Alchemical Hypnotherapy

FOR PARTNERS: Allies in Healing

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Save a Child. Help a Survivor.

Donate $2 to fund child sexual abuse prevention and survivor support programs across the country. Tax Deductible.