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Want a Fiona Project concert in your area? We are happy to work with you in finding the best options for your community! Whether you are looking for an intimate house concert or you belong to a school, spiritual center or other community, we would love to help you create a concert of your own!

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Predators aren't who you think they are

What you don't know that's putting your child at risk right now!

Musicians Wanted

If you're a musician or an artist manager, we would love to have you book a Fiona Concert with us. Whether or not you choose to donate part of your proceeds, we'll put you on our calendar and promote your events if you mention the Fiona Project and our mission as a cause you support.

Donate $2 or more

Help us reach our goal of raising $1 MILLION DOLLARS for Child Sexual Abuse Prevention and Survivor Support Programs.

About the Fiona Project

Child sexual abuse is prevalent in the United States, affecting 1 in every 4 girls and 1 in every 5 boys. The Fiona Project is a music video and concert series dedicated to child sexual abuse prevention and survivor support.

Through our concerts, we #UndoTheTaboo of child sexual abuse by talking about it easily and openly--connecting communities of concert goers with quick child safety tips and survivor support resources. Profits from our concerts and other promotions are awarded to quality prevention and survivor support efforts through our partner funding program. 

Help us meet our goals of educating communities and raising $1 MILLION dollars for child sexual abuse prevention and healing. Please share the Fiona video with the hashtag #UndoTheTaboo and donate $2 or more to support our provider grant program. Or request a concert in your area.

#undothetaboo #metoocsa #healmetoo

CSA Prevention Made Easy

At The Fiona Project, we believe the biggest obstacle to child sexual abuse prevention and healing is the "taboo" that keeps communities and survivors from talking about child sexual abuse. Protecting the children in your life can be as easy as teaching them to cross the street; but you must first be aware, informed and comfortable addressing the issue.

Review our 'Rules to Remember'
quick prevention tips now.

Start actively protecting your children today!

Join the Movement

With your help, The Fiona Project will help to protect and uplift thousands of children and survivors over the coming years. But only through the invaluable support of our musicians, hosts, volunteers and contributors will we be able to achieve this goal.

Help us fulfill our mission. No effort is too small.

Host or Play a concert
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The arts help many survivors to process their experiences and heal. Visit our arts blog of original creative works by CSA survivors.

Art, Music, Poetry & Photography


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  • Child In Me by Jennene Obremski...

    I had to touch her heart
    The child in me
    Her whole world ripped apart
    The child in me
    To find her buried under my tears
    The child in me
    To help her face her fears
    The child in me
    Now she shines from within
    The child in me
    Every obstacle she will battle and …

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  • Puppy by Vanessa Hicks...

    © 2018. Vanessa Hicks. Published by permission.   Share this on: Continue Reading
  • The Forgotten Children by Mary Graz...

    Notes from Mary:
    I wrote this poem back in 2014. As a survivor of child abuse, I wanted to reach out to others. My friend George Robinson put together this song of my work. I met him at his Healing through Creativity festival in West Virginia which …

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  • Crumbling by Patty Croom...

    © Patty Croom, Patty Pixx Photography. Published by permission.
    This photo is from my hometown.  The school I attended for most of my elementary and Jr. High years. It was a safe haven for me. Home has so many meanings and this place was more of a …

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  • Easy to Judge (Explicit) by OneOutO...

    Description from the Author: what I wrote when a guy online said he was glad it happened to me
    It’s easy to judge and hard to relate, I’m hard to love and so easy to hate, hard to defend easy to be attacked, I’m too busy …

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  • Amends to Self by Debbie Loshbough...

    This piece came about during a 9th step (amends) process in recovery. My sponsor said that before anyone else, I needed to make an amends to myself, noting any way in which I had harmed myself physically, emotionally, spiritually, etc. The abuse was in no …

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  • NAASCA Features The Fiona Project...

    If you’re a Child Sexual Abuse survivor or a CSA prevention or healing advocate, the National Association of Adult Survivors of Child Abuse (NAASCA) provides some exceptional resources that we recommend.
    Although NAASCA serves adult survivors of all forms of child abuse, sexual abuse is one …

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  • Sunset Canoe by Vanessa Hicks...

    © 2018. Vanessa Hicks. Published by permission.   Share this on: Continue Reading
  • Rainbow by Jennene Obremski...

    I was raped when I was 15 and 4 months later he raped me again causing a miscarriage of my unknown pregnancy by him. This poem is about the loss of my baby and innocence.
    Send me back my rainbow
    That you killed so long ago
    I’ve wondered …

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  • The Unspoken Truth: A Memoir by Lis...

    A new book by child sexual abuse survivor, Lisa Zarcone. This is what survivors can do when they heal!

    The Unspoken Truth: A Memoir
    Author: Lisa Zarcone Genre: Survivors Speak
    Once upon a time, when I was a little girl, I was tucked warm and safe in my bed …

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