Watch the Award-Winning 'Fiona' music video

This video is for Child Sexual Abuse survivors everywhere. You are not alone. We see you. We hear you. We stand with you!

Predators aren't who you think they are

Don't put your child at risk.
Learn the facts.

Musicians and Performers

Your voice is a powerful vehicle for change! Use it to help bring CSA awareness to your community.

Bring a Fiona Project concert to your community

Increase awareness in a fun, inspiring way via music & the arts. You provide the event setting. We'll provide the talking points and hand-outs.

Make a Donation

Your donation will help fund child sexual abuse prevention and healing efforts.

CSA Prevention and Healing through Music & the Arts

Art ~ Music ~ Poetry ~ Photography

Check out our "Survivors Speak" arts blog, where those who have experienced CSA can share their original art, poetry, music, photography and other creative works.
(If you're a survivor, submit your work here.)

The Fiona Project works with musicians and artists around the globe to connect their communities with quick child safety tips and survivor support resources through concerts and other arts-based events. Our mission is to undo the taboo around child sexual abuse that keeps victims silent and predators free. We do this by bringing awareness of child sexual abuse to everyday people in an easy, non-threatening way--through music and the arts.

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Child Sexual Abuse Affects 1 in every 10 Children

Protecting the children in your life from sexual predators can be as easy as teaching them to cross the street; but you must first be aware, informed and comfortable addressing the issue. Review our quick prevention tips now and start actively protecting your children today!

Child Sexual Abuse Prevention

A safe, empowered, knowledgeable caregiver creates a safe, empowered, knowledgeable child.

Show your kids that you are a safe adult. Listen to their stories and complaints with open ears. Be supportive instead of judgmental. Try to understand their world. And remember, sometimes it's what they're not saying that it most important.

Watch. Listen. Connect.

Make a Difference!

It is our goal to use music and arts to protect and uplift thousands of children and survivors. But we can only do this with your help.

Share the Fiona Video
This is a great way to gently share resource links to the Fiona Project, help for survivors, and the Survivors Speak arts blog.

Be Aware and Speak Up
A few simple changes in your everyday life can make a difference to a child or a survivor in need.

Host an Event
Hold a music or arts events highlighting CSA Awareness as your cause. Use our partner events toolkit to help you share CSA prevention tips and healing resources.

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The Art of Healing: Creative Expressions by CSA Survivors

CSA Survivors are creative, powerful people. Some create to heal, others for fun, and some to change the world. Enjoy these creative works from our survivor community.