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Want a Fiona Project concert in your area? We work with artists around the world to bring concerts and other arts-based projects to local communities. JOIN THE MOVEMENT (below) and request a concert in your area.

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Predators aren't who you think they are

What you don't know that's putting your child at risk right now!

Musicians Wanted

If you're a musician, we would love to have you partner with us. We'll put you on our calendar and promote your events any time you agree to mention the Fiona Project and our mission of child sexual abuse prevention and healing during your show.

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Help us reach our goal of raising $1 MILLION DOLLARS for Child Sexual Abuse Prevention and Survivor Support Programs.

About the Fiona Project

The Fiona Project is a music and arts movement for child sexual abuse prevention and healing.

The Fiona Project works with artists and organizations around the world to connect their communities with quick child safety tips and survivor support resources through concerts and other arts-based events. Our mission is to #UndoTheTaboo that has kept victims silent and sexual predators free to prey on our children. We do this by bringing awareness of child sexual abuse to everyday people in an easy, non-threatening way--through music and the arts.

Art ~ Music ~ Poetry ~ Photography

We are also the publishers of the Survivors Speak arts blog, where those who have experienced CSA can share their original art, poetry, music, photography and other creative works.

#undothetaboo #metoocsa #healmetoo

Child Sexual Abuse Happens Affecting 1 in every 10 Children

Protecting the children in your life from sexual predators can be as easy as teaching them to cross the street; but you must first be aware, informed and comfortable addressing the issue. Review our quick prevention tips now and start actively protecting your children today!

Child Sexual Abuse Prevention

A safe, empowered, knowledgeable caregiver creates a safe, empowered, knowledgeable child.

Show your kids that you are a SAFE ADULT. Listen to their stories and complaints with open ears. Be supportive instead of judgmental. Try to understand through their lens. And remember, sometimes it's what they're not saying that it most important.

Watch. Look. Listen.

Join the Movement

It is our goal to protect and uplift thousands of children and survivors through The Fiona Project. But we can only do this with your help. Contact us now. No effort is too small.


Help us meet our goals of educating communities and raising $1 MILLION dollars for child sexual abuse prevention and healing.

Share the Fiona video with the hashtag #UndoTheTaboo and donate $2 or more to support CSA prevention and healing programs around the world, even in your area.


Recent Posts

  • Hands Clean by Alanis Morissette...

    Remember this song? Alanis very clearly states in interviews that it was part of her healing from a relationship with an older man that she was “unprepared to deal with at the time” (She was 14.)
    Note the verse lyrics are very standard stuff for CSA …

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  • Child Me by Jennene Obremski...

    Goodbye child me
    you were so very unlucky
    treated like a rag doll
    grow up, stumble and fall
    I am grown up now, child me
    finding my own happy
    lost without your memory
    you will heal child me
    you will find your inner strength
    that love does exist at any length
    you will lose yourself …

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  • Living in My Own Shadow by Mary Ann...

    Thank you Mary Ann for being brave and sharing your story. We hope through this difficult task of finally allowing yourself to be fully seen, you have found peace and healing; and we know that sharing your story will inspire and empower others to come …

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  • Cared For Child by Jennene Obremski...

    It wasn’t just the physical abuse and emotional neglect
    My innocence was just another thing to collect
    Sick adults creating sick children
    Sick individuals harming their own brethren
    There is no justice for a stolen childhood
    There is only pain and survival into adulthood
    Children should be precious
    Allowed to be precocious
    Have …

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  • Letter from Asha – Sept 2018...

    Wow, it’s been a crazy last month or two here in Atlanta. The Fiona Project took on three back to back projects locally this fall, and quickly learned that the turtle really does win the race when it comes to longevity.
    We love holding events here …

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  • Summer Fun Day A Success!...

    Thank you to everyone who participated in our Free Summer Fun Day at Twelve Stone Farm this year. In spite of a rainy weather forecast, it ended up being an absolutely lovely day!
    Adults got to relax while kids enjoyed everything from corn hole to paddle boards …

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  • Boxer by Vanessa Hicks...

    © 2018. Vanessa Hicks. Published by permission.   Share this on: Continue Reading
  • What really happens behind closed d...

    What really happens behind closed doors is based on the life experiences of Author, E Morrell. Morrell published the book to help others know that they are not alone and to encourage survivors to talk about their experiences with a trusted confidant.

    What really happens behind …

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  • Wherever I Wind Up by R.A. Dickey...

    Thank you R.A. Dickey for sharing your story. As a public figure, your voice can do much to empower our youth to speak up if they are being abused and also to empower adult survivors to be brave and break their silence as well.

    Wherever I …

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  • Restoration by CallmeKey15...

    Wow! What a powerful testament to what it means to be a child sexual abuse survivor, look your abuse in the face, and choose to know that you are worthy, you are special and you are loved! Enjoy this great faith-based spoken word performance from …

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