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Fiona wins 2017 People’s Choice video Posi-Award

Thank you to everyone for your support in getting Fiona’s voice heard at the Empower Posi-Awards this spring.

We just made a difference in the lives of potentially 100+ survivors at the Posi-Awards! Plus, there will be several hundred musicians there who may be interested in playing Fiona Project concerts and bringing child sexual abuse awareness, prevention and healing back to their own hometown audiences throughout the United States and Canada.

You are responsible for making all of this possible! Fiona fans rock!!! Be proud.



For those of you who haven’t seen the Fiona (The Renegade) video yet, see below. We are very proud of how this turned out and thrilled at the opportunity to present this important topic at the Empower Posi-Awards as a result of the hard work donated to this effort by so many.


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