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#StopCSA – Mention CSA prevention and healing at your event

Thank you for being willing to step up and mention child sexual abuse prevention and healing at your event. To assist you in speaking smartly about the topic, and offer you a little extra exposure for your event, we have compiled a few helpful tips and materials for you.

Thank you again for participating in The Fiona Project.


Plan your event and post it online
Check out these quick tips that have helped us extend our event reach.


Tag us in your FB events, event posts and tweets when mentioning CSA prevention or healing!
Or share your event with us via FB Messenger. If you let us know you’ll be addressing CSA prevention and healing, we’ll review your event for inclusion in our calendar.

Facebook @thefionaprojectorg


Learn the Facts about CSA
If you are going to be promoting the importance of child sexual abuse prevention and healing, we urge you to participate in that endeavor yourself.  Take a few minutes and learn the basics, what we’re up against and how to stop it.  Get educated – CSA Fact Sheet for Fiona Partners (large-print, 3 pages)


Download the prevention and healing flyers
We have prepared a few printable items that you can take to your event.
1/4 page prevention and healing hand-out flyers (double-sided)
7 Steps to Prevention large-print talking points (1 sheet)
QR Code scan sheets for smart phones


Have a great event!!!

You are making a difference. Thank you!