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Facebook Event Tips & an Amazing Invite Shortcut

A Facebook event is a great way to keep people aware of what you are doing. Some people integrate their Facebook events into their smartphone calendars, so they don’t forget the items they are interested in. Using an event also makes it easy for people to look up the event location on maps. Plus, they are easy for others to share on their own timelines and with their friends if they are interested.

The Fiona Project will also be able to add your public Facebook event to our calendar as well, and it will eventually be picked up by Allevents.in too!

To make your setup easier and extend your reach, we have put together the following tips for streamlining your Facebook events creation and invite process.

Leverage Your Facebook Fan Group

If you have a *public* Facebook group for your followers, consider creating your Facebook event inside your Fan Group. This will allow you to invite all members of your group automatically during the event creation process.

You can then share the event on your Artist/Band/Venue page(s) and it will be added to your events there as well. From there, you can share the event to your personal timeline and invite people from your Friends Lists too using the quick “gig invite list” shortcut below.

The only catch is that your group must be PUBLIC in order for this to work.

“Invite” your Facebook Friends to your Event

We have found improved results by taking the time to invite specific people to our Facebook events. You can do this quickly and easily with a gig invite list.

Step 1 – Prep a Facebook friends list (of fans!) for quick inviting later.

In Facebook, create a list (or lists) of your friends that you would like to regularly invite to your events. You may want to segment your lists based on geography (if that applies to your shows) and create multiple Friends Lists.

To create a friends list:

  1. Go to your Home page in Facebook.
  2. On the left, pane, select img-1.
  3. In the middle pane, select Create List.
    1. img-2
  4. Add your friends:
    1. Type a name for your list and start typing in your friends names that you want to add.
    2. A few letters is enough to find the person you want, then click on their profile picture.
    3. Continue to add people until you have everyone you want.
    4. Click Create.

(Note: This will take a little work, because you will need to open a second browser tab and physically look through all of your friends to be able to know who you want to add into this new list, but it will be worth it! This one tip expands our visibility very quickly every week on some of the regular local events we manage, but after the initial lists setup it only take a few seconds to add our invites.)

Step 2 – Invite your “Friends List” that you created for event invites

  1. Open your event and select INVITE FRIENDS. An invitation window appears.
  2. In the left pane, select the List of Friends you wish to invite. Friends from the list are displayed in the middle pane.
  3. Above the list of friends in the middle pane, select “Select All”. All friends from the list are checked and added to the right pane of invitations to send.
  4. Select SEND INVITES.

Boom! Done.  (And next time you have an event, it will be a breeze to invite all these same people again. Two minutes. Done!)

*NOTE:  In the past Facebook we have seen FB cap the number of invites you can send, so make sure you invite your most relevant fans first!

Leverage Facebook Messenger

Using Messenger to send a personal note about your event to important friends seems to be the most effective way to show some love to the people you care about and at the same time let them know what you’re doing. Just write a nice message with some heart and they won’t look at it as spam. It’s not about the event, it’s about including them in things that are important to you.

Ask your participating musicians to invite their friends.

Ask your Venue to invite their fans.

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