Print-Outs for Show

7 Steps to Prevention – print/download

“CSA Prevention Starts at Home”
Use this large-print page of quick CSA statistics and prevention tips for key information to share with your audience. Armed only with these few tips and the 1/4 page prevention hand-out (below), your concert-goers will have a better understanding of Child Sexual Abuse in general and specifically how to start protecting their children when they leave your event.

CSA Prevention & Healing (1/4 page flyers) – print/download

This hand-out includes important information for both prevention and healing. Please print and cut several sheets to bring to your event. You can simply lay the flyers on the floor or stage near you, or add them to your merch table if you have one.

As you perform or before breaks, prompt concert-goers to pick up these hand-outs and make sure they know the handouts include quick and easy prevention tips plus links for survivors. You may not have a lot of takers, but for the people who do, it’s important.

*If you don’t have a paper-cutter handy, any Office Depot, Kinko’s, etc., will quarter them for ~$1.50 per cut for up to 250 sheets at a time.

**If you need help with these, contact us and we can make arrangements to send you some in the mail.

QR Code POSTERS (8.5 x 11) – print/download

These simple printouts provide quick QR scanning by fans to take them to the information they need most. They can be placed on a table or on the floor next to your CDs, merchandise, tips, business cards or other items you are promoting.

Thank you for being a Fiona Project Partner!

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