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A Brave Story

Tonight, I saw a very brave post from a fellow musician sharing her story about being abused and sex traded as a child. I have followed her for a couple years now and have seen her struggles with the dark, heard of her previous addictions to drugs and alcohol, and witnessed her remarkable and beautiful transformation into a woman who is creative and talented, honest and vulnerable, brave and willing to do the hard things to help herself and those around her.

This is the movement I wish to inspire with the Fiona Project. This is the kind of bravery that will free all survivors from pain, fear and shame. This is the message I wish to share and the story of healing I wish to impart across the globe to all men and women who have experienced sexual abuse in their childhood.

This is what the Fiona Project was built to do… use an acceptable medium–music video–to share the word of the pain and struggle created by childhood sexual abuse and also the one thing that will free survivors from its long and lasting effects… loving themselves. Speaking up and putting the cards on the table. The secret is what perpetuates the shame. When there’s nothing to hide, there’s a weight lifted and a brighter day ahead.

Help me share this healing truth by supporting the Fiona Project with your time, talents or treasure. Get involved now and, maybe, you just might save a life.



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