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Get Funding for Your CSA Prevention or Survivor Support Program

Part of the mission of The Fiona Project is to raise funding for established organizations that provide child sexual abuse prevention and/or survivor support programs.

All funds raised are distributed to programs and organizations that are actively providing:

  • prevention education to families, communities or institutions;
  • safety information to children about how to protect themselves;
  • public campaigns to help break the taboo and stigma of being a child sexual abuse victim;
  • recovery and support programs to child sexual abuse survivors.

How to Apply for Funding

Your organization may qualify for funding if you meet any or all of the above criteria. To apply:

  • download the Funding Application – available in Word (.docx), PDF (.pdf) or Rich Text Format (.rtf);
  • submit your completed application to the address provided in the form, along with any additional requested documentation.

We will review your application and let you know of your funding approval status upon determination. Please feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions or comments.

Thank you for all you do. We look forward to processing your request.

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