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7 Days to Launch

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Only 7 days to go and the Fiona Project launch team is hustling to get every detail in place for an amazing show!

Tickets sales are starting to roll, sound equipment is being reviewed and prepped, bands are preparing their final set lists, ticketing check-in is being reviewed and tested… you name it! There are a thousand details that go into the making of an event like this, especially for a new organization on their launch premier.

So far, the journey has been a whirlwind of long days and sleep deprivation for the last several weeks. But I’ve learned a bunch and am amazed daily at how generous and helpful most people are when I tell them what we are doing.

This is important work!

We are saving children from sexual violence by helping to prepare them to be healthy, confident kids who know how to speak up and get help. And for those who are not fortunate enough to have avoided being victimized, we are funding much-needed programs to help them heal both as youth and as adults sometimes decades later.

Be a part of this very special Fiona Project Concert Experience October 3 in Peachtree Corners (Metro-Atlanta). 

Other ways you can help

Even if you can’t attend the event, we are happily accepting door prize donations, food donations, beer/wine donations and monetary donations to help make this special kick-off event a success! We also need plenty of volunteers on the event date as well.

CONTACT US to volunteer or make a donation

#IWillNotBeSilent   #StopItNow   #StopChildSexualAbuse

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