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Survivors Speak is LIVE!

We’re very excited to announce that we have just published our first posts on our Survivors Speak page. This has been a long time coming, and we are thrilled to be able to offer a great place for CSA survivors to share their artwork, music, poetry or photography. When survivors speak, they heal.  We all deserve to have our voices heard and what better way than through the creative process.

Congratulations to all of our survivors who are stepping up and sharing part of their CSA journey with us. We are all the better for it. Thank you!

*To see new Survivors Speak posts as they are released, Like and Follow us on Facebook or Twitter. Or join our newsletter (below). We have more great art, music and poetry coming soon!

**If you are a survivor and would like to submit your creative work, please do! We would love to have you join our ranks and share your voice.

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