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Thank you!


Thank you for being a Fiona Project Partner.

Our movement IS you!

We know that talking about Child Sexual Abuse is hard. But talking about it in a light, uplifting way in the middle of a set can be even harder! So thank you again for taking the time, effort and commitment to work this important material into your event; and for being that person, organization or band that refuses to be a bystander when there is an opportunity to make a positive difference. You rock! (Literally and figuratively.)

We hope you have found this to be a rewarding experience.

Typically, our partners get lots of comments after a show, from people who are deeply grateful or deeply touched by your willingness to dive in and be advocates for change around this heartbreaking topic. We hope that you experienced some of that love too; but if not, don’t think it’s because your efforts didn’t matter. Someone was listening, even if they couldn’t express it at the time.

Sadly, feeling publicly supported by others is often new territory for survivors and can require some emotional processing on their part before they can talk about it. So whatever the outcome… know that you did make a difference. We guarantee it!

So what’s next?

Well, your show may be over, but your opportunity for publicity is not.

Share Your Photos and Videos

  • Share photos or videos of your concert on Facebook and tag @TheFionaProjectorg. We will share your footage and photographs on our timeline.
  • If you post on instagram, include the hashtags: #thefionaproject and #undothetaboo.
  • If you Tweet, tag @TheFionaProject in your tweets and we will retweet your pics and comments.

It’s also fun to pull out footage from months ago and reshare something you really liked as a “nostalgia” post. Be creative and reuse your best material over and over.

Do you have other events lined up that you would like us to share?

You are always encouraged to include us in any shows where you have the capability to share our message of CSA prevention and healing. Just submit additional shows using the Concert Kits links and we’ll keep adding you to our schedule and publicizing your releases, etc.

From us to you…

Keep an eye out for emails from us, as we intend to add more tips and resources for general concert planning and marketing when we find new tools and ideas that might be helpful.

PS. Feel free to share your best tools and tips with us as well. We love new information that we can share here to help our collective.

And as always, if there’s anything else we can do
to assist you, please feel free to reach out.

THANK YOU again for being a Fiona Project Partner!