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The Fiona Project is online

Finally, the Fiona project website is up and running. As I begin to distill the clouds of swirling information in my head, the Fiona project is finally coming to fruition.

The concept is solidified and the project summary is fairly complete; and the video and music is near completion. But this is just the beginning.  There is still lots more to do and we could use your help.

What else is needed?

Current efforts and needs include:

  • Drum tracks.  
  • A marketing team to assist with creating a comprehensive marketing strategy for
    • sharing the Welcome Home, Fiona music video
    • press release and media spotlights
    • social media
    • other?
  • Someone to put together a “Host an Event” guide for people motivated to hold a company party and raise funds for the project.
  • People to edit existing video testimonials/PSAs from volunteers and sponsors.
  • People to capture new video PSAs for additional sponsors and volunteers.
  • Someone to make a corporate calling plan for fundraising.
    • Find inside contacts at major corporations through our network of friends, family and associates.
  • A Grant Application.
  • A Strategic Planning partner for evaluating submitted applications for business integrity, viability and sustainability.
    • Contacts for applying organizations will be shared.
    • One organization to win a few 3-day strategy session with partner.
  • A video blog content and release strategy for gaining awareness, anticipation and momentum prior to Welcome Home, Fiona launch.
  • Some to write enews blasts to mailing list.  Short and sweet. Nothing fancy. Just routine status updates about release party, fundraising events, video status updates, dollars raised, etc.
  • Other?  I’m open for any and all suggestions.
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