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Step 2: Concert Details ~ Choose your format & Submit your event

Fiona Concert Requirements

To be on The Fiona Project calendar and have us market your event(s), you must meet one of two requirements:

  • bring our cause into awareness at your event, or
  • donate a portion of your proceeds to The Fiona Project.

Either of these options ultimately helps our cause, so we are happy to support any specific events at which you meet either of these criteria.

Click here for ideas on how to weave The Fiona Project mission into your events.

Submit Your Event

To submit your concert to our event calendar, use the form below. If you do not already have a concert planned, please skip to the help section below on Planning a New Concert. When you have the preliminary details, come back to this form and submit your event.

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Planning a New Concert

If you are creating a new event for The Fiona Project, the first thing you will want to do is choose your date, format and other basic options and submit that information to us for publishing. This way, you have a clear and public goal to help keep things moving forward, and we can start marketing.

So let’s make a few simple choices and get the event planning underway:

1. Decide on your concert venue and format. 

  • Do you prefer a local concert where you can interact with guests live? Or a virtual concert where you can perform from the comfort of your own home with your attendees watching via the internet?
  • Do you have a venue in mind? (a coffeehouse, spiritual center, online only, festival, other)
  • Will you be inviting multiple musicians or will it be a solo show?

TIP: Your concert can be as simple or as grand as you choose, but we recommend starting with something you know you can accomplish easily.

Big ideas are great if you have the experience and resources to pull it off. But it’s easy to get overwhelmed if you choose something too complicated for the amount of time and energy you have available. When that happens, the project will often fizzle.

We’d much rather aim for something you know you can achieve without stressing yourself out, and then enhance it as time permits. This way you can be confident that your event will come to life.

2. Set a date.

Work with your venue to choose a date.

We recommend 90 days to create a concert and market it. This will allow plenty of time to work through any errors or complications that might arise during the planning and preparation process.

If you are planning something simple, 30 days lead time may be sufficient. Just remember, this is supposed to be fun as well as helpful, so whatever can be done to minimize your stress around the event is best. Also keep in mind, tight turn-arounds limit marketing time for event exposure.

Once you have your venue, headliner (main artist/band) and date, submit your event details to us as soon as possible. This will allow us to create a “SAVE THE DATE” post immediately that you can share with your friends and fans.

3. Will you be donating any portion of your proceeds to charity? (Not required.)

People love to support concerts, events, companies and products that give back to causes. If you will be giving a portion of your proceeds to The Fiona Project or another charitable cause, be sure to note that in your event submission and also highlight in your marketing. We will do the same.

4. Send us your concert details right away! 

You don’t need to send us every detail up front–you can continue to flesh out more and more as you go–but to get started with our marketing, we definitely will need the date, venue (or TBD) and at least one musician you know will be performing.

Submit your event information as soon as possible for better marketing exposure.

Submit Your Event Details Now!

*Note: Please remember that after your event details are submitted, it will take some time for us to add your event to our calendar and marketing schedule. All Fiona Project efforts are managed by volunteers, so please be patient and allow plenty of lead time for processing.


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