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The Tale Movie & HBO

“Child sexual abuse is one of the most taboo subjects on the planet and It is mystified and left hazy so as not to face the horror.”

HBO’s The Tale movie is the true story of Filmmaker, Jennifer Fox, explicitly and boldly told from a woman and girl’s point of view to help audiences understand the travesty and confusion of child sexual abuse, while at the same time exhibiting an overarching theme of survival, empowerment, healing.

HBO has graciously partnered with The Tale Movie to create this important film and allow it to be viewed around the world as part of their public screenings program, providing child sexual abuse awareness and healing through film and community gatherings.

Thank you to HBO and The Tale Movie for selecting The Fiona Project as an Atlanta screening venue.

“The unconventional structure and perfect timing make the film an unforgettable experience.” ~ Film Rezensionen

“A movie that makes you understand. And never let go again.”  ~Kino Zeit

Notes from Jennifer Fox

“Our perspective and the stories we tell ourselves change all the time and we are taught that one story erases the next in an ever-turning funnel toward this thing called ‘the truth’. That is western ideology, I dare say the essence of Freudian concepts. But as I grow older, I realize that the truth has many parallel stories that live like a layer-cake simultaneously in our lives. To really take care of the soul we have to allow all the truth in in all its complexity and honor the contradictions.

Bottom line, if we don’t talk about how complicated this is for the child, and how adept the perpetrator is at ensnaring their heart in a web of complicity, we can never prevent it from happening or help survivors heal. We have to look this in the eye to change the conversation around trauma, protective memory, and abuse.”

Jennifer Fox
Filmmaker, THE TALE

*Originally published on The Tale Movie ~ Letter from Jennifer

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