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The Daffodils

The Daffodils are Heidi Higgins and Claire Pearson, long-time friends and co-writers for nearly 10 years. Their song “Love is a Mountain” released on Claire’s (Pearson Perry) album Run Real Fast charted #37 for the year 2014 on independent radio charts.

The daffodil is the most resilient flower and is the first to bloom after a long, cold winter. The Daffodils write songs from a strong female perspective with empowering undertones based on actual experiences. Their songs could come straight out of their diaries which makes them raw, strong, and undeniably feminine.

In addition to their love of writing and performing, they are passionate about issues that effect the lives of women and children, The Daffodils love using music for charity work.


Nashville recording artist Heidi Higgins is a singer-songwriter from Atlanta, GA. After writing professionally as a staff writer for PolyGram Publishing in Nashville, TN, she has worked as vocal instructor at the Jan Smith Vocal Studios since 1989.


Indie radio favorite Claire Pearson, who has performed previously as Pearson Perry,  founded Atlanta Intown Songwriters in 2011 to strengthen and develop the local singer-songwriter community. She is also a published songwriter and winner of Best Self Magazine’s Fit & Fabulous contest in 2015.