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“Music for Evolution” (Adi Shakti Tribe & Narayani)

Music is Love. Love is Life. Life is Rising. The Evolution of Consciousness is here!!

Adi Shakti Tribe is Music, Love, Life and Consciousness…blending kirtan, chanting, rock’n’roll, jazz, world music, and dance music to celebrate and elevate the Vibration of Life and bring Light to the World. Adi Shakti is the Supreme Being Goddess of the Universe…or, the Power That Makes Life, Love, and Consciousness happen. She is the symbol of the Creation and Destruction of the Universe, and everything in between!! Wow!!

Adi Shakti Tribe is Robyn Meek, Don Martin, Stan Holt, Nikki Peppone, Nathaniel Ivey, and Mahadevi Rachel. All are accomplished musicians and vocalists whose greatest passion is to bring heart-centered music to life in all who will listen. We love you, and we want to “rock your world” and raise your vibration!

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“Narayani” is the creative energy behind this universe, and holds the power to expose the consciousness so that unity with the divine can be achieved.

Narayani the band plays music as medicine…a beautiful and soulful blend of kirtan, folk, rock, jazz, and world music as the foundation of consciousness raising and vibration elevation – mantra chanting, gaia celebrating, and body loving!!

We’re in the studio recording our first “ep” with ian boccio, producing. We are aiming at late summer for release!  Stay tuned!!

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