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British-born singer songwriter Charleesa opens the heart and mind through mellifluous melodies and intimate lyrics that she delivers with the passionate sincerity of a crusader, and the sensitivity of a healer. She desires to inspire people with her current repertoire which is written with an optimistic outlook; these songs are as elevating as they are evocative. ‘We humans; we are all different but yet we are all from the same source, we feel, we dream and ultimately we want to be happy.’

Charleesa has a rare talent for composing in the moment using her instrument; her voice, singing to herself to express thoughts, feelings and observations. When the song flows from her she is in a peaceful yet powerful place where lyrics both lead and follow the melody she feels; words and sound created in the same time. She makes an audio recording using her Boss BR600 and documents the lyrics; later in the studio she directs the productions by sharing her inspirations with the musicians and producers. She explains the sounds and styles she wants to hear in the music and refers to her design book containing images showing colour schemes, outfits, pictures and notations relating to the lyrics. This alternative approach provides a deeper insight into how each song was born and gives a visual idea of how the music should capture & convey the essence of the theme.

A musical family history, home-life and her own passion for singing, writing lyrics & performance; meant that Charleesa discovered her vocal abilities at a young age; she was always encouraged to take to the stage whenever the opportunity arose. She began singing at various venues and later whilst in Asia, embracing the abundance of creative freedom she found there; she wrote captivating songs with meaningful messages. Singing acapella in the cafes and bars, she sent the room into a level of stunned silence which at first was both astounding and intimidating to her; the positive reactions that she received encouraged her to bring her own material out onto the stages enchanting the audience with her voice and presence.

She spent ten years composing and performing her songs in India, Nepal and England. Charleesa has been the lead singer of a band, interviewed in Kathmandu by a local magazine, played at famous markets in Goa and hosted her own weekly live session evenings. She showcased her acoustic set of motivating tracks in the summer of 2016 at a not-so-secret cellar bar in the South of England as a support act for local artist Antonia Redding & was then featured on a local radio show.

Since relocating in Vienna, Charleesa has been recording a selection of songs for her forthcoming debut album and performing them at local venues such as The Eden Bar & The Tunnel Live. Delving into the world of pop, her vocals & harmonies swim amongst electronic beats & sound effects; all this whilst fusing her sound with different genres enables her to reach a wider audience with her influential music. She uses the playbacks created in the studio for her shows and also works with musicians who accompany her at acoustic events.

Her influences are eclectic including queens such as Kate Bush, Nina Simone & Madonna to great bands such as The Beatles & Pink Floyd; though soul, funk & motown, electronic & ambient, mantra’s & spiritual music are all creatively formative genres. What is her style then? you ask, ‘diverse and unrestricted’ is her answer; followed by ‘no boxes please!’.

The summer single ‘In Sunland’ from the forthcoming album was released in May 2017 and is playing on online radio stations KronehitLOVE & KronehitYAM. Although written on a beach in India, the songs catchy lyrics and groovy vibe will transport you to any sunny spot on the globe in your mind.

A beautifully talented singer! I have been blessed to listen to her beautiful voice over the years. Continue making your dreams come true and letting everyone get a taste of your voice which is hands down one of the best. The love you share with us through your music in your beautiful humble way is so very much appreciated, the world will be lucky to experience your sound the way that I have. Keep shining dear SiStar.

‘Climbing’ A wonderful song that literally helped me to reach the top of the mountain. Simply gorgeous!

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